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Biden’s New Student Loan Bailout Scheme More Expensive Than The One The Supreme Court Vetoed

Joe just refuses to take no for an answer even when the Supreme Court keeps swatting him down. Under the latest Biden plan more than a million student loan borrowers would pay zero according to Biden’s own estimate.

The Biden administration says the plan will cost taxpayers $138 billion, while the Penn-Wharton budget model’s median estimate is that it will cost taxpayers $475 billion over the 10-year budget window. That’s another half-trillion-dollar inflation bomb.

Will Republicans in Congress block this half-trillion-dollar spending plan in the appropriations process?

Will Missouri and the other states that sued to stop the last student loan bailout stop this one too?

Or will Biden get away with making millions of Americans who never had an opportunity to go to college pay off other people’s student loans?


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