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Biden’s New White House Chief Of Staff Perfect For The Job – He Got Everything Wrong On COVID

Just over a year ago, Jeffrey Zients ratcheted up COVID panic to a level unseen since the earliest says of the pandemic:

He also engineered Biden’s vaccine mandates on healthcare workers, government employees, contractors, the military – and nearly all private sector employees. Only the Supreme Court kept the last from taking effect.

The ban on unvaccinated foreign travelers Zients championed (with an express exemption for “asylum-seekers, of course) is still in effect and has the United States on a tiny list of crackpot countries that still bar entry to billions of people.

The Zient’s approach of fear and mandates bitterly divided the country and turned Operation Warp Speed from a deregulatory success into an authoritarian failure.

For this sterling performance, Biden promoted Zients to the White House Chief of Staff job.

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