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Biden’s Schitzophrenic Energy Policy

This was the actual headline from National Public Radio’s website yesterday:

Well, Joe. Which is it? One day he shamefully attacks the oil and gas industry as “wartime profiteers.” The next day he is “doing all I can to reduce gas prices.”

One day he wants to “close down fossil fuels,” except if they are produced in other countries. (He announced at the climate change summit that he wants to give countries like China and India a free pass from the strict environmental standards he will impose here at home.)

Methane, ladies, and gentlemen is natural gas. Natural gas, ladies and gentlemen, is what heats our homes, provides power for our factories our steel mills, the internet, and keeps the lights on.

And, natural gas is CLEAN. It is the reason that America has reduced our greenhouse gas emissions more than any other major nation. So, if you are in favor of reducing carbon emissions, why kill the gas industry?

What is so frustrating is that while Biden declares war on Natural gas in America – even though we are the nation with 300 years supply – Europe and other nations are embracing natural gas as green energy and they are right and Biden is dead wrong. This isn’t just bad economics, it’s terrible for the environment.

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