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Biden’s Secret Plan To Move the Auto Industry to China

Henry Ford must be rolling over in his grave.

Last week we enumerated in the HOTLINE the many reasons the new Biden electric vehicle mandates are so unworkable and anti-American.

Here’s another one that belongs at the top of the list: under Biden’s EPA regulations, the cars won’t/can’t be made in Detroit or Ohio or Tennessee or Texas. They’ll have to come from China.

Last time we checked, the UAW – which recently signed its own death warrant by endorsing Biden for president – doesn’t have many dues-paying members in Beijing or Shanghai.

The EVs have to be made outside the U.S. no matter how many tens of billions of tax dollars Biden throws at them because Biden’s regulator war on mining has made the U.S. almost entirely dependent on China (and a handful of other unfriendly nations) for so many of the metals and precious minerals necessary for the batteries to be produced. We’ve handed China and its partner countries a near monopoly. Here are the numbers from the New York Times:

One solution would be to immediately start increasing permits for mining in the mountainous western states – Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. A CTUP report by Ned Mamula, the country’s leading expert on the inventory of natural resource assets in the USA – estimated that the value of these mineral resources exceeds $10 trillion.

Ironically, many of the same green groups that insist we have to move toward 100% renewable energy, wont allow the mining for the resources we need to operate windmills, solar panels, and electric batteries.

You can’t win with these people.

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