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Biden’s Sounds The Virus Alarm Softly

Biden’s new COVID plan strikes us as mainly sensible. He banged the drum for vaccination and boosters, noting that the vaccine was a Trump achievement (finally!), pushed for his VAX mandates (bad), said schools should stay open (great), and businesses should stay open (great), and announced 500 million more tests (OK).

We were big critics of the Trump FDA for dragging its feet for so long on home testing, but now with vaccines widely available and a milder but more transmissible strain of the virus everywhere, testing is hardly a game changer at this point – and could even be harmful if it leads to excessive quarantines as a consequence of false positives.

Treatment with monoclonal antibodies and antivirals is far more important – and should be the emphasis going forward.

We worry of another round of shutdowns (a total overreaction). Next week the Supreme Court rules on Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate. If allowed to stand, this would greatly exacerbate the worker shortage/supply chain crisis with minimal health benefits.

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