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Bogus CNN Story On Deaths Of Kids From COVID

We pointed out yesterday that the official data now show for the last three years Covid caused a tiny number of deaths among children.

But then we see a new JAMA paper hyping COVID as “a leading cause of death in children” on CNN the last couple of days.

An earlier version of the same “study” was cited by the CDC in their pitch for child vaccination — with the embarrassing error that it compared 26 months of COVID deaths to 12 months of deaths from other causes.

COVID data ace citizen-journalist Kelley Krohnert caught that error and the paper was revised.

Krohnert dismantles their frightening headline conclusion by the researchers at Imperial College in London that Covid was the “eighth leading cause of death of children:”

Is the 8th best scorer on your favorite sports team considered a “leading” scorer? That probably depends on who you ask, and how the points are distributed among players. What if that player only scored ~2% of the team’s points that season? Ranking just doesn’t tell the story very accurately. But it is an effective way to stir up fear about children and Covid, and bring out all the “experts” who fought to keep schools closed, sports cancelled, and children masked in perpetuity.

Her whole post is worth reading:

By the way, accidents, such as falling down the stairs were responsible for about NINE times as many deaths as Covid for teens and children. One out of 100,000 kids and teens died from the virus.

This overstates the deaths for this age group because Covid crowded out the normal flu, which made overall pediatric respiratory deaths normal in the pandemic years.

Kelley’s analysis won kudos from University College London Genetics Institute director Francois Balloux:

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