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Washington Post to Biden – Lie, Pander, and Do Whatever it Takes to Win

This takedown of the Washington Post from one of our favorite political columnists, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe is a worthy read:

Last week, the Washington Post’s editorial board declared that it regards President Biden’s reelection in November as a matter of such importance that it will not fault him for promoting misbegotten policies that are designed to attract votes. The president’s policies “clearly pander to core constituencies,” the editorial board conceded, and “some of these policies are quite bad — even dangerous.” Other pandering by the White House may be “less obviously dangerous but still violates common sense and principle.”

….In a lifetime of newspaper reading, I have never encountered an editorial so cynical in its willingness to discard any principle other than to win at all costs. “Trim your principles, Democrats, and pander away,” the Post advises Biden and his party. To “play Machiavelli” isn’t the worst thing, it says — the worst thing is “losing.”….

When the election is over and the Post wants its credibility back, it may regret having tossed it away.

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