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Breathe (Mask) Free Or Die

Ok, we will say this for the umpteenth time: The overwhelming evidence shows that wearing a mask does NOT reduce the spread of COVID-19 or keep you healthy. But politicians and bureaucrats love ordering people to wear masks – despite zero evidence that there is any health benefit. Now we’re seeing an epidemic of government-imposed mask mandates. In colleges, grade schools, public buildings, airlines, transit buses, and stores.

Thankfully, Ohio Senator JD Vance wants to end mask madness with his Freedom to Breathe amendment. He is going to attempt to bring the bill for a vote on the Senate floor as early as today. The bill would ban federal mask mandates on airplanes, in schools, etc. Democrats are expected to object.

They’ve learned NOTHING about COVID-19 prevention in three years.

The mandate is especially foolish now, because three years after COVID first emerged, nearly everyone has had it or been exposed to it.

Kudos Senator Vance and let’s hope a few Senate Democrats reject the pointless mandates.

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