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Britain Could Be On The Comeback Trail

More good election news – albeit outside the US.

Liz Truss becomes Britain’s Prime Minister today after easily winning a vote of 160,000 Conservative party members. She has the advantage of succeeding one of the great British disasters of modern times: Boris Johnson.

Truss promptly announced she would try to revive the flagging economy by scrapping a new income tax hike along with an increase in the corporation tax.

Truss also didn’t flinch when confronted by critics who claimed her policies would benefit the rich.

“To look at everything through the lens of redistribution I believe is wrong because what I’m about is growing the economy and growing the economy benefits everybody,” she told the BBC. “We have had relatively low 1% growth and that has been holding our country back.”

Her biggest immediate challenge will be Britain’s self-imposed energy crisis, prompted by the UK’s tragic mistake of getting hooked on Russia for electric power and a foolish and failed reliance on wind and solar power.

Energy bills have doubled since last October. Truss is being urged to put control on energy prices. A test of her mettle will be whether she takes her case to the people that the push for green energy by radical environmentalists will only further impoverish the British people. The Brits so badly need the toughness of a new “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher.

If Truss can accomplish one-half of what Thatcher did, she will be a success.

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