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Brits Nix World Health Organization Post-Pandemic Power Grab – But Not Biden

Great news: the proposed treaty that the World Health Organization is pushing to govern future responses to pandemics is on the rocks. We view these treaty talks as extremely dangerous to freedom and national sovereignty. WHO wants to outrageously dictate when nations should shut down their economies and wants to create a fund that would redistribute income from high-income countries to low-income countries. (Private charities should do that, not international organizations.)

WHO is, of course, an organization that failed miserably during COVID and it became a total apologist for the corrupt and deceitful Chinese communist government.

Several countries are in open revolt against this latest WHO power grab. British Health Minister Andrew Stephenson wisely declared last week: “Under no circumstances will we allow the WHO to have the power to mandate lockdowns. Protecting our sovereignty is a British red line.”

How sad is it that the United States isn’t leading the charge against this sinister plot by an incompetent and power-hungry international agency? The Biden administration’s globalists want to reach a deal and has been silent on the draft treaty being prepared by the World Health Organization. The Republicans in Congress promised to defund WHO, but they gave up in the budget negotiations. The plug should be immediately pulled on WHO as soon as possible.

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