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Brits Sprinting Away From “Net Zero” Craziness

Well, at least the Brits are starting to get it right. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ended the European “consensus” on climate folly yesterday. In short order, he rolled back the phasing out of gas boilers, announced a five-year delay in the 2030 ban on gas and diesel cars, and denounced “costs that no one was ever really told about and which may not actually be necessary.”

Sunak gutsily challenged the assumption that purveyors of climate extremism hold the moral high ground. When a BBC reporter asked him if his decisions put him on the “wrong side of history,” the Prime Minister said it was his critics who must  “justify to all of those families up and down the country why it’s right for them to find £5,000, £10,000, £15,000.”

Climate activists were horrified.

The BBC’s stream of Sunak’s speech came with a health warning that it “contains language which may offend.” Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson – one of the worst UK leaders since Neville Chamberlin – fumed that Sunak is giving up the fight against global warming.

Rishi faces an election in just over the year and is betting that exhausted voters are unwilling to pay a massive climate “tax” to achieve arbitrary green targets. The free market is the way to do that (see above). Britain’s emissions have fallen by 49 percent since 1990, despite the economy growing by 75 percent during the same period.

We have been critical of Sunak in the past, but he is turning out to be the voice of sanity on climate change among world leaders. How sad that the least sane voice on climate change is sitting in the White House.

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