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Build Back Better Is In Big, Bad Trouble

Even the White House and Democrats in Congress are conceding that last week was catastrophically bad for BBB. First came the Joe Manchin body slams against the bill – arguing it was bad for America, bad for West Virginia, and full of phony numbers.

Next the inflation report revealed prices rising by nearly 7% – highest in four decades. The economic case for adding trillions more debt has melted down.

And then the coup de grace came later on Friday when the CBO reported that the real price tag for the spending bill is twice as high as Democrats have been saying. And, no, it doesn’t even come close to paying for itself – the 10-year deficit is a cool $3.01 trillion.

Are these wounds fatal? We sure hope so. But even if they aren’t, what is clear is that any bill that makes it through the Senate at this point will be a skeleton version of the original Biden blowout.

Even Biden himself is doubting whether Manchin’s vote is gettable.

We will keep pounding away until this bill is down for the count.

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