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Bye Bye Boris

Speaking of failed leaders on the other side of the pond, we had high hopes for Boris Johnson – after all, he was a leading voice in favor of Brexit – which has been a godsend for the Brits.

But he governed as a big, big government conservative. As Prime Minister, he lost his base by ignoring and even hollowing out the Conservative Party’s free-market principles – originally instilled by Margaret Thatcher.

Last year, Boris abandoned two of his flagship pledges from his 2019 election manifesto by dramatically raising taxes and spending. Britain’s tax burden is now the highest it’s been since the 1950s. During COVID, he paid millions of people not to work for far longer than the pandemic dictated. He imposed unpopular militaristic Covid lockdowns and infuriated voters by lying about parties at 10 Downing Street in violation of his own nationwide lockdowns.

Here’s hoping that whoever replaces Boris as Prime Minister returns the party to its Thatcherite roots. Not only did she transform Britain by encouraging a modern meritocratic economy, she won three landslide elections and never lost one.

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