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In California Common Sense Makes Rare Appearance

Thank goodness for citizen empowerment in California.

California voters have wisely voted twice against racial or sexual preferences in public hiring, education, and contracting – most recently in 2020 when 58% of voters said, hell no!

But progressives keep trying to bring them back in sneaky ways. Earlier this year, they pushed an amendment to allow waivers for specific minority groups if academics say they’ve been victimized. (These referees would be the same eggheads who’ve been advocating for reparations for blacks.)

Good news: the amendment stalled because many leaders feared that this would only drive up conservative turnout and doom progressives up and down the ballot this November.

Progressives also retreated on a plan to sabotage a November ballot measure to effectively repeal Proposition 47 – a 2014 measure that reduced many theft and drug crimes to misdemeanors and ended prosecutions of shoplifting below $950 per incident.

The result has been an explosion of theft, especially in retail stores.

A public outcry over this “get out of jail free” scheme has dissuaded Governor Gavin Newsom and his chums from moving forward. Polls show the End Prop 47 effort will now pass easily.

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