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California Prepares To Pay One-Half Trillion Dollars Of Reparations

This is not a spoof.

Last week, we noted that the real news out of the “COP 27” climate conference in Egypt was that Biden agreed that the U.S. owes poor nations billions of dollars of “climate reparations.” In other words, COP 27 was a shake-down operation rather than a climate conference.

Now even states are getting into the act. California may be ready to hand out checks to 2.5 million “descendants of slaves” in the state. The state’s “reparations commission” suggests that the state compensate black victims of housing discrimination between 1933 and 1988 with a payment of up to $223,200. Ready for this? The estimated price tag to the taxpayers of California would be $569 billion.

That’s more than California’s entire state budget in 2021.

Reparations focused on housing policy are only the beginning. California’s task force has also identified four other causes for reparations: Mass incarceration, unjust property seizures, devaluation of black businesses, and health care.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “hundreds of communities and organizations across the country are considering providing reparations.” Don’t be surprised if this loony shakedown operation arrives in a neighborhood near you soon.

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