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California’s Landmark Prop 13 Under Assault

It’s been almost 50 years since two-thirds of California voters approved Proposition 13, the property tax measure that ignited the modern tax revolt. It’s the one law that keeps California from submerging completely into tax hell. Democrats have been trying to reverse it for decades.

Business groups say the state lost an important bulwark against higher taxes in 2020 when the State Supreme Court ruled tax measures proposed by voter initiative needed only simple majority voter approval, rather than two-thirds. They are backing a measure on November’s ballot to increase the needed approval for taxes to two-thirds and reclassify many fees as taxes needing voter approval.

California is already the highest tax state in the nation and to lose more taxpayer protections from annual raids on taxpayer wallets could be the last straw for California. If current moving van trends continue, the Golden State could lose two or even three congressional seats by 2030.

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