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California’s Little Engine That Couldn’t

Another of the left’s grandiose green plans — high-speed rail — has crashed into financial reality.

In 2008 California voters approved $9.95 billion for high-speed rail from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The Hoover Institute’s Lee Ohanian notes that 15 years later the route is not exactly LA to SF, but rather Bakersfield to Merced. Call it the train to nowhere. Oh, the price tag has more than tripled, costs nearly $35 billion, and it will still take 10 more years. Other than those snafus, everything is going exactly according to plan.

It’s time for the pols in Washington and Sacramento to issue last rites to this absurd choo-choo. We already have a government-run train and it’s called Amtrak. It has lost money every year for 50 years.

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