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Canada To Ban Gasoline Car Sales By 2035

Oh, Canada. What have you done? Our northern neighbor has joined California and New York in banning automobiles. Well, at least cars that have a combustible engine and run on gas. Ottawa has officially joined the Coercive Electric Vehicle Coalition. On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau’s government announced that no gasoline or diesel cars, trucks or SUVs will be sold in Canada starting in 2035.

New regulations will require zero-emission vehicles to make up 20 percent of all new car sales, with the quota rising to 100 percent in stages.

Canadian carmakers warned that the new rules will create a public backlash because clogged lots show consumers are not accepting the EV transition and many drivers can’t afford the average $14,000 price gap between gas and electric vehicles.

Tim Reuss of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association also cites that EV mileage lowered by as much as 41 percent in below-freezing temperatures. Even the government’s own analysis admits that people living in rural areas could face serious difficulties. Earlier this month, a severe cold snap led to massive traffic jams and clogged highways in Germany and Austria.

In addition, only 25,000 public chargers are currently available to Canadians, far short of the 442,000 public chargers and 2.2 million multi-unit residential charges it’s estimated will be needed by 2035.

Would anyone like to bet whether Canada’s Mad Mandate banning sales of gas vehicles will be implemented on time?

Earlier this year, Britain threw in the towel and delayed its 2030 ban on internal combustion car sales by five years – the first of what we predict will be more delays anywhere the mandates exist.

But just in case, we advise all Americans and Canadians to stock up on gas cars NOW, while you still have the chance.

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