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Cars And Pollution – The Facts

One goal of the half trillion dollar Manchin-Schumer bill is to outlaw all cars that are not EVs. (The bill is practically paying people to buy Teslas.). This has always been Al Gore’s dream – to declare war on the combustible engine.

But to what end? Our friend Mark Skousen, an economic professor at Chapman University and the sponsor of Freedomfest, is teaching a course on common sense economics. Here is what he tells us:

“Today our discussion was on environmentalism and global warming. I started off by asking the 50 students, ‘By a show of hands, how many of you think that pollution has gotten worse in Los Angeles since 1960?’ Most of the students come from Southern California and should know the answer.

But 70% raised their hand and said yes, pollution has gotten worse!

Then I showed them this chart:

As the chart shows, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of automobile use in Los Angeles since 1960, but air pollution has dropped by 90%!”

We would simply add that this chart is measuring reductions in REAL pollution like lead, carbon monoxide, and smog. CO2 and methane are NOT pollutants.

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