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Casey Mulligan’s Rousing Speech to the Platform Committee

We’re proud to announce that the quality of the Republican Party Policy Platform probably has something to do with our Senior Fellow Casey Mulligan’s testimony before the Platform Committee, advocating for a reduction in the regulatory burden and tax rates. Here’s an excerpt from his speech reminding the committee how well these policies worked in Trump’s first term:

When the Trump economy got people back to work with good wages, critics called it a short-lived sugar high that would stoke inflation. But in fact, it would be less than 2%.

The U.S. economy was on a path to make the American dream affordable again for families, young people, everyone. The GOP platform promises to finish the job.

Deregulation and the Trump tax cuts were essential. Prescription drug prices fell for the first time in almost 50 years, thanks to more companies entering the market after then-President Donald Trump lowered barriers. Deregulation reduced internet access prices sharply in 2017. American innovation also made us the world’s leading oil and natural gas producer.

New cars and pickups will cost almost $6,000 more because of the actions of the Biden and Obama administrations. These actions impose Champagne tastes on beer budgets, not environmental protection. Workers can’t come off the sidelines if they can’t afford the car to get there.

You can read the whole thing here:

And because we’re nonpartisan we’ll offer this suggestion to the Democrats: invite Casey to your platform committee and take his advice!

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