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CBO to Find Democrats Are Cooking the Books Again

Speaking of budget scorekeeping, CBO is expected to report that the doubling of the IRS budget will raise about $120 billion over 10 years, NOT $400 billion in revenue.  To get $400 billion every American would have to join the IRS workforce.

Our spies in the Capitol also tell us that the CBO score is going to report much bigger spending numbers – perhaps more than $1 trillion HIGHER – than the White House has been tossing around for all the new social programs Biden wants.

So what will Nancy and her gang do when these embarrassing numbers are released as early as Friday?  Two options.  Dems may just damn the torpedoes and try to vote to pass the bill anyway.  Or the second option is for the Dems to figuratively torture the CBO number crunchers until they come up with more favorable numbers. This is the scheme they pulled on Obamacare when they got bad news from the budget office.

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