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CDC Orders 20 Million Pediatric Doses of COVID Vaccine – Is This the Biggest Corporate Welfare Scam of All Time?

There’s almost no health reason for children to be vaccinated against COVID since the health risks are predominantly older people. That’s why most other countries are only making the vaccine available to seniors.

So WHY is the U.S. government spending $1.7 billion purchasing 20 million doses for kids?

The total pediatric uptake of the bivalent booster last time around was just 4.5 million.

This means the CDC believes FIVE TIMES as many parents will get their kids the booster this time around than last time. We’re going to take the under on that bet!!

At least the feds aren’t doing adult vaccine purchasing this year, with it finally shifting to the private sector thanks to Congress forcing Biden to end the national emergency. These are the final uptake numbers from last year when the feds spent $4.9 billion on 171 million doses, two-thirds of which were never administered. (The amount the federal government paid per dose jumped from $29 for the bivalent to $83 for this year’s booster.)

Here’s what’s worrying us. The only way that many children will get these shots is if the government mandates them. Good luck with that.

We’re strong defenders of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry – which saves millions of lives every year with wonder cures. BUT this program smacks like a multi-billion dollar corporate welfare scam – with taxpayer dollars going right into the coffers of Moderna. By the way, Moderna is spending tens of millions of dollars on a TV campaign to get Americans to get jabbed again.

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