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CDC Reduces Pediatric COVID Deaths 24%

The CDC “data tracker,” on Covid deaths has been consistently unreliable and now even the CDC admits it.

The tracker has long had a much lower number than the death certificate count for adults and a much higher number for children.

“An adjustment was made to COVID Data Tracker’s mortality data on March 14 involving the removal of 72,277 – including 416 pediatric deaths – deaths previously reported across 26 states because CDC’s algorithm was accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related,” a CDC spokeswoman told the Washington Examiner.

The tracker still looks wrong. Not just because it’s so much higher than the official death certificate count but because it’s still internally inconsistent. For instance:

Even the death certificate count is likely overstated, with CDC’s own analysis finding at least 35 percent of the pediatric deaths in the 2020 COVID-associated death count have a cause of death not plausibly related to COVID. A more comprehensive chart review in the UK excluded 60% of the pediatric deaths in their COVID count from being causal.

There is no reason for CDC to have a second, less accurate death count – which has only been used by the media to report false and frightening information about the number of child deaths from COVID.

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