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Chamber Of Cowards

We might not be in all the mess we’re in right now if the Chamber of Commerce hadn’t funded the campaigns of about a dozen “moderate pro-business Democrats in the House – quick, can you even mention one who broke with Pelosi?

The Chamber also lobbied FOR the godawful $1.1 trillion Green New Deal bill that they called an “infrastructure bill” – even though about 80% of the money wasn’t for infrastructure.

There was a time when the chamber could be counted on to take the lead position in the fight against the imposition of ESG – environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. Today the group has grown so woke its top leaders just look around uncomfortably and try to change the subject when it comes up.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, says he won’t even meet with the group if he’s speaker next year. Last week, the other GOP leaders invited the heads of a new group, the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, to lunch at the Capitol. They’re staunchly opposed to the ESG nonsense.

The Old Chamber will likely have to face a grim reality next year if Republicans take both houses of Congress. It may top the list of all D.C. lobbying groups with its $19 million in annual spending, but all that money won’t do much good if Congressional leaders think you aren’t worth even inviting to lunch.

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