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Chart of the Day: Biden’s 40% Energy Tax

We’ve said it before that one reason Americans don’t believe that prices are only 19% higher today than when Trump left office is because the prices of the family necessities are so much higher than the official measure of inflation (CPI).

Take energy. Those costs are now officially 40% higher today than in January 2021. We call this the Bidenomics “energy tax” because the higher energy taxes are a direct result of Biden’s energy and economic policies.

These higher energy costs are likely to continue to soar over the months and years to come if these policies continue. Just this past week, the EPA proposed new rules to shut down natural gas and coal power plants. This is the same EPA who wants to replace ALL gas and diesel cars, trucks, and ships and make them all powered by the electric grid system.

Ok, now here’s a question: If you vastly increase the demand for something at the same time you vastly reduce the supply, what happens to the price?

If you answered that the price will go down, you probably can get a job in the Biden cabinet.

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