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Chicago Is Now the Democrat’s Poster Child for Liberal Governance

It’s hard to believe, but Joe Biden has personally picked the basket case of Chicago to host next year’s Democratic convention. (We guess Detroit just wasn’t available.) The decision comes just a week after the Windy City elected Brandon Johnson, a radical teacher union operative as its new Mayor. Johnson’s first announcement as mayor-elect was to call for a $2 billion tax hike on the remaining businesses still located in the city.

The Biden move was pushed by the Democratic state chairs of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, who pitched Chicago as “a unique channel to the Blue Wave” because it “has demonstrated what our party stands for.”

Let’s see.

Boeing, the world’s third-largest defense contractor and a famous maker of passenger jets moved its headquarters from Chicago to Virginia last year. It’s one of many such firms to leave.

Chicago’s Cook County had a net domestic migration loss of 94,000 people from mid-2021 to mid-2022.

Overall, crime is up by 41 percent in the last year with the increase fueled by Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s bill to eliminate cash bail, because it is unfair to poorer crooks.

More than a dozen public schools in Chicago have no kids that are doing math or reading at grade-level proficiency.

Did we mention the city of Chicago is broke?

This is the city that Joe Biden and the Dems want to showcase as a blue success story?

We’re all for it. By all means, put Chicago on display as the symbol of progressive governance. Maybe the Democrat’s theme should be “Make America Look Like Chicago.”

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