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Chicago Suing Oil Companies for City’s Bad Weather

Chicago’s Marxist Mayor Brandon Johnson’s latest gambit is to sue the oil companies for the crime of keeping the lights and heat on, and the factories and hospitals running in the Windy City.

Well, that’s not EXACTLY the way the mayor puts it. But that IS what oil companies do.

The city’s lawsuit alleges the six major oil companies — Exxon Chevron, et al — are running “a campaign of climate change denial” and that this harmed the city’s residents because of shoreline erosion and hot summers.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the mayor is actually blaming bad weather along the Lake Michigan lakefront on oil companies. “We will hold them accountable,” the mayor says of this shakedown. Too bad Jane Byrne — the Chicago mayor who got tossed out of office for failing to shovel the snow during an epic snowstorm — didn’t think of climate change as her excuse.

It’s all bogus finger-pointing given that the air has seldom been cleaner in Chicago thanks to the transition to natural gas, the shoreline was already receding for decades, and this city has had 100 years of extreme weather events. Given that Chicago has some of the most frigid weather in the nation, a little warming is better described as climate improvement not climate change.

What’s scary is that a jury of the residents of Chicago who elected this crazy mayor may actually buy this scam suit.

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