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Chicago Teachers Union Wants 9 Percent Floor on Annual Cost-of-Living Adjustments

Even the most leftwing unions agree with us that inflation isn’t headed to 2%.

Bidenflation is now stubbornly stuck at a monthly rate of more than 4% a year, down from the 9.1% recorded in July 2022.

But the Chicago Teachers Union leaders and its 30,000 members are demanding an annual COLA of 9% or equal to the consumer price index, whichever is HIGHER. What other employees in America are likely to get such a sweetheart deal?

That’s not all. CTU President Stacy Davis Gates is promising to expand contract negotiations “beyond economic proposals.” Among her demands are funding for “restorative justice” programming. Gates was the instigator behind last year’s shutdown of an Illinois school choice program, putting the futures of 10,000 low-income students at risk while she sent her own son to a private school.

Last year, we warned after Brandon Johnson narrowly won the runoff to become Chicago’s Mayor it spelled disaster for the Windy City. Johnson’s job while he was running for mayor was as an organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union.  He will soon be appointing a majority of the city’s school board.

The fox is guarding the budget henhouse in Chicago. No one is representing the taxpayers. All we can say is: well these fools voted for him.

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