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Chicago Voters Slap Down “Teacher Union Pet” Mayor and His “Robin Hood” Soak the Rich Tax

Speaking of socking it to the rich, we turn to hapless Chicago. (No we aren’t talking about the Bears giving away starting quarterback Justin Fields for nothing – though that may go down as one of the dumbest trades in NFL history.)

Brandon Johnson, the progressive stooge of the teachers union who was catapulted into the Chicago mayor’s office a year ago, got socked on the chin himself in Tuesday’s elections. Voters are already turning thumbs down on his soft-on-crime policies, and now they have rejected his plans to triple and even quadruple property taxes on million-dollar homes as a way to funnel money to homeless programs. They called it the “Robin Hood Tax.”

The Chicago Sun-Times put it best in describing Tuesday’s primary election: “Mayor Johnson and the progressive movement behind him appeared headed toward a humiliating defeat Tuesday that will force them to search for another source of revenue to combat homelessness.”

Sometimes voters even in the bluest of cities say they have had enough of tax and spend economics.

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