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China’s Orwellian Lockdown Dystopia

Apparently our study on the ineffectiveness of lockdowns hasn’t made it into Beijing yet. The insane Chinese COVID lockdown in Shanghai and dozens of smaller cities has gone on for weeks now and has turned millions of Chinese citizens into prisoners in their own tiny apartments. Many are going hungry or even starving and are taking to the windows to shout out primal screams of despair. So sad.

Economists believe the militaristic lockdowns will reduce China’s GDP by 4 percent – billions of dollars each day – for as long as it lasts. Shanghai, with 26 million people, is the world’s largest port, and supply chains everywhere will be affected.

The People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, issued a front-page Orwellian statement: “Practice over the past two years has proven that the general strategy and policy of normalized epidemic prevention and control are correct and effective.”

This is the kind of crazed and inhumane totalitarian rule that too many “Democratic socialists” in America want to emulate.

Where is everyone?

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