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Cleaning the Air

Yesterday was Earth Day, which now has become Earth Week, and we have great news: the planet isn’t dying. It’s getting cleaner.

That may come as a surprise to those who’ve been indoctrinated with doomsday environmental rhetoric since they were in pre-school, but the reality — at least for the U.S. — is much cleaner than at any time since the dawning of the industrial age.

The House Republican Policy Committee has just assembled the historical data.

The air quality performance is astounding. Over the past 60 years, GDP is up nearly 800% but emissions are DOWN 60% even though we are still using record amounts of fossil fuels.

Lead levels in the air are down 87%.

Remember, lead, particulates, smog, and carbon monoxide are pollutions that can kill – especially those with respiratory problems. Carbon dioxide is not a pollution. It’s necessary for life on earth.

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