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Climate Change Energy Policies Hurt the Poor the Most

We are so sick of this sanctimonious label that the left is putting on their Stalinist and expensive green initiatives: “Climate Justice.” They pontificate about how the poor and minorities are the victims of a warming planet.

Actually, NO. The poor and minorities are the frontline victims of the left’s regressive climate change policies.

Our CTUP economics senior fellow Casey Mulligan has run the numbers on the Democrats’ anti-fossil fuels energy policies, which, of course, dramatically raise the price of gas at the pump and energy for homes and buildings. Casey finds that a poor household pays almost 9% of its income to pay for green policies whereas the rich pay 1.5%. That is, the burden of the green agenda for the poor is triple the cost for the rich liberals who provide the most political support for these policies.

So much for fairness.

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