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Climate Change Sticker Shock

We polled swing-state voters earlier this year and found that most were unwilling to spend any significant amount of money to combat global warming.

Well, apparently neither are the Europeans.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the vaunted “energy transition” isn’t going so well throughout the EU, where the fight against fossil fuels has become a holy crusade among the political class.

Consumers are starting to pay for the energy transition, and they aren’t happy about it.

Governments that were among the earliest in the world to adopt climate legislation tried to take the sting out of the transition by motivating consumers with subsidies. Now, however, the same capitals are cash-strapped and many are passing the bill to the consumer. Subsidies are being scaled back, taxes tied to carbon emissions are being phased in, and rules requiring expensive renovations are starting to bite. 

In France, consumers and farmers are revolting against rising prices and President Macron has suggested a “regulatory pause” to take the sting out of the costs.  All while the EU is easing fossil fuel restrictions, and Germany is transitioning back TOWARD natural gas.

Gee, we thought that the green agenda was going to save consumers money. When? Where?

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