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Climate Fanatics Propose: 60% Global Tax on the Richest 1%

Just as we’ve always suspected: Climate change is simply a disguised plan to massively redistribute income.

Now the climate change lobby is finally admitting it.

The anti-growth “charity” Oxfam (which gets U.S. taxpayer money as an NGO) is releasing a report ahead of the UN Climate summit in Dubai this month demanding wealthy people in the West be punished.

According to Oxfam, the wealthiest 10% of people in the world are responsible for 50% of global carbon emissions, and the emissions of the top 1% cancel out the work of nearly 1 million wind turbines each year.

“The super-rich are plundering and polluting the planet to the point of destruction,” claims its interim executive director, Amitabh Behar. He calls for world leaders to “end the era of extreme wealth.” They want a 60% tax on the richest one percent.

That would include “a 60 percent tax on the incomes of the richest 1 percent.”

Are these people mental midgets?  We will say it for the hundredth time: using energy causes people to get rich. Not using energy makes the country poor. The left’s agenda of rationing energy hurts poor people the most.

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