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Latest Climate Voodoo Prediction – A Global Economic Collapse

One reason it’s hard to take climate apocalyptics seriously is that they keep bombarding us with one preposterous prediction after another. Remember when Al Gore said we had less than a decade to save the planet? That was in the late 1990s.

So here’s the latest doomsday machine forecast. German scientists have published a paper in the journal Nature that tries to convince us that climate change will reduce future global income by about 19% over the next quarter century, when compared to a fictional non-warming world. The financial losses by the year 2100 could be double that. It won’t surprise you that the poorest people on the planet and those least responsible for carbon emissions will suffer the most.

This is propaganda, not science.

Let us assume for a minute that warming will reduce GDP by this amount. It’s probably a good guess that eliminating fossil fuels from 83% of global energy to zero and building windmills would have far more dramatic negative effects on global prosperity than any warming trend.

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