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Congress Pushing to Block Biden’s EV Mandates

Given that the EV subsidies aren’t working, Biden has moved to Plan B: mandate them.

Biden wants to outlaw the sale of 70% of internal combustion vehicles over the next eight years (with a full ban to follow).

Good news: Congress is finally fighting back against this assault on auto choice.

The Senate recently had its first vote on the Biden EPA mandates, with Democrats Joe Manchin, Jon Tester, and Sherrod Brown (the latter two running for their political lives and earning a free pass from their green group friends) joining all Republicans to vote to save gas cars. Alas, the 52 votes were a majority, but not enough to overcome a Democratic filibuster.

A more viable legislative vehicle (pardon the pun) to block the mandate was introduced yesterday by Michigan Rep. John James and Nebraska Senator Pete Ricketts.

As a Congressional Review Act joint resolution (a special procedure for banning onerous federal regulations), their bill is privileged in the Senate and cannot be filibustered.

If it passes the House and Senate, Biden would have to use his veto pen – right before the election – to impose his ban on most internal combustion vehicles. With about 80 percent of voters saying they don’t want an EV, this could squeeze Biden into a tight parking spot.

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