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Congress Should Slash – Not Increase the FTC Budget

Lina Khan’s reign of terror and error at the Federal Trade Commission knows no bounds. This regulatory tyrant has tried to put a freeze on the corporate mergers and acquisitions that are fundamental to economic growth and competitiveness. And she’s colluded with foreign regulators as part of her crusade against American businesses.

The courts have repeatedly ruled against Khan’s interventions. She has become the poster child for regulatory abuse. GOP Commissioner Christine Wilson, resigned earlier this year, citing Khan’s “disregard for the rule of law and due process.”

What can House Republicans – supposedly the party of reining in the regulatory octopus – do to bring Ms. Kahn to heel?

The FTC’s brazen budget request is for $590 million in fiscal 2024 – a $160 million increase. %#$& no to that. Instead the House should cut the FTC budget in half, restrict its authority to block mergers, and require Khan to immediately disclose any traitorous cooperation with foreign enforcement authorities trying to block the expansion and profitability of American companies.

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