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Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court Is Potentially in BIG Trouble

For all the talk of a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, the voting record shows three groupings – conservative, moderate/conservative, and liberal. Each group has three members.

This chart from former DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur and University of Central Florida economics professor Dean Jens, shows how often each Supreme Court justice has agreed with one another in decisions since the confirmation of the newest justice, Kentanji Brown Jackson.

The Roberts-Kavanaugh-Barrett centrist block sticks together almost as often as the three liberals appointed by Democrats.  The conservatives — independent thinkers, unsurprisingly — are the least consistent bloc.

They note: “Roberts and Kavanaugh agreed with each of the liberals more often than they did with Thomas.”

What’s worrisome is that if the left wins and Clarence Thomas, the oldest members of the court, who has served 33 years, retires, that conservative voting majority will be in big trouble.

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