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COVID On Rapid Decline In DC – So Mayor Bans Unvaccinated People From Public Life

Visitors to Washington, DC can no longer go in restaurants, bars, gyms, or other venues without showing an ID (isn’t that racist?) and proof of vaccination. The requirement took effect on Saturday.

According to the mayor, you can schedule a shot at 5 and have dinner at 6 – which means DC must a remarkably fast-acting vaccine, because the Moderna and Pfizer shots we’re familiar with take up to two weeks to be effective, and may compromise immunity in the near-term in people who experience transient neutropenia.

As usual, this draconian intervention comes well after the peak – that politicians will nonetheless claim credit for. For January 14, DC just posted its first sub-10% 1-day HHS PCR pos% since December 19. The 7-day is under 15% for the first time since December 22. It peaked on January 1 and has been plunging nearly straight down since.

COVID hospital census also now appears to be about a week post-peak:

So congratulations, Madam Mayor. Can you end the show-your-papers system now, as Spain and the UK are doing?

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