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COVID Science-Deniers Want More Lockdowns In The Future

Just as we predicted, the left and the public health “experts” are now repudiating reality and stone-cold evidence about lockdowns. This frightening assessment of what happened in 2020 and 2021 has just been published by The Royal Society:

NPIs on transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus:

      • Masks and face coverings
      • Social distancing and ‘lockdowns’
      • Test, trace and isolate
      • Travel restrictions and controls across international borders
      • Environmental controls
      • Communication of NPIs in the UK

Regular readers of the Hotline know that the governmental response to COVID was a mega-failure in almost all instances and in places all over the globe. Their impact on saving lives and stopping the spread of the virus was negligible. Their toll on the economy, children, mental health, businesses, and individual liberty — was catastrophic — and the damage will last for years and decades.

One of our closest COVID advisors, Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins, and a co-author of the definitive study on the ineffectiveness of lockdowns alerted us to this scary conclusion from the Royal Society and refuted every word of it here.

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