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CTUP Goes On Offense Against Biden’s Ban On American Energy

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity, together with our friends at the American Commitment Foundation, will be spearheading a new campaign against Joe Biden’s regulatory attack against American oil and gas producers.

As we have previously mentioned in the Hotline, Biden’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently released 490 pages of new proposed regulations specifically designed to choke off the oil and gas industry here in the United States.

Under these climate change rules, every single publicly traded company and some private companies will be forced to make disclosures about their greenhouse gas emissions its “upstream and downstream” activities. (How are they going to calculate that?)

These regs will also TRIPLE the SEC compliance costs of America’s publicly – traded companies to $10.2 billion.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Activist hedge funds, university endowments, pension funds, and foundations will immediately use this information to bully companies and void future investments in fossil fuels – the dream of the green fanatics inside Biden’s administration.

It must be stopped and we will share our progress trying to save America’s energy future.

Gary Gensler

Unleash Prosperity Hotline


1155 15th St NW, Ste 525
Washington, DC 20005