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CTUP Study: If Politicians Kill Nippon Merger With US Steel, China Wins

The report underscores the economic benefits of the $14.9 billion deal, highlighting the positive impacts on American workers, shareholders, and the steel industry’s future.

The chart below (taken from the study) shows that when the deal was announced, the stock catapulted in value, then when Biden came out against it, the value of the company tanked.

Japan is one of our closest allies, hosting more U.S. military personnel and bases than any other country. This deal poses no credible threat to our national defense, and in the unlikely event of future hostilities, national defense authorities could be invoked then, proving there is no need to use them now.

The analysis also counters arguments for alternative measures like tariffs and subsidies, pointing out their historical ineffectiveness in reviving the steel industry. It emphasizes the technological advancements and productivity gains that Nippon Steel’s investment will bring, benefiting not only U.S. Steel but the broader American manufacturing sector.

Worst of all, China is trying to take over the world steel industry (right now it has captured 50% of the market), so if the deal is killed, Beijing’s monopoly ambitions are strengthened.

The full report is available here:

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