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DC Council Votes 12-1 For Non-Citizen Voting

The bill would open up voting to non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, in local elections.

The rest of the council had nothing but scorn for the lone dissenter. Democrat Mary Cheh, said she favored requiring illegal immigrants for longer than the bill’s 30-day requirement before they can vote.

She dared ask: “Could someone who took the bus from Texas, or was put on the bus from Texas, or wherever, and dropped off at the vice president’s property, and then remained in the District of Columbia for 30 days and was 18 years old — could that person then vote in our local elections?

The answer was “yes.”

The bill will next head to the final passage vote and signing by the mayor. It remains to be seen if Congress will step in and block it, or if this latest Democratic fad will be allowed to take hold in the nation’s capital.

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