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Deaths From COVID Lockdowns Keep Piling Up

All over the world, the reports are coming in: the COVID lockdowns caused a lot of collateral damage in the form of excess deaths above normal trends. A conservative estimate of lockdown deaths in the U.S. is roughly 100,000 – but the higher deaths from cancer – die to delayed screening and treatments are still rolling in.

England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, the British government’s chief scientific advisor, say Brits will face a “prolonged period” of deaths due to the pandemic. Not from COVID itself, but from the lockdown measures taken to contain it.

Thousands of routine treatments and appointments that were delayed are fueling a surge of deaths from cancer and heart disease.

The British Heart Foundation’s new report “Untold Heartbreak” says there have been 30,000 excess deaths involving heart disease.

Elsewhere, Australia’s Actuaries Institute complains there should an urgent investigation of the “incredibly high” 13 per cent excess death rate in 2022, with one-third having no link to Covid.

Karol Sakora, a prominent British oncologist, warns that “Attempts to rewrite pandemic history must be resisted — lockdowns and associated choices had an unforgivable impact on cancer patients with an immeasurable amount of suffering as a result. I fear it has only just begun.”

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