Democrats Much Less Likely to Believe in God, Country, and Family

In case you haven’t heard about this story, it is extraordinarily troubling – but, alas, not too surprising.

The poll shows that the percentage of Americans who have a patriotic love of country, are religious, and think it is important to have children has fallen by almost half in 25 years.

Those who self-report as Democratic voters are about twice as likely as Republicans to reject these traditional values. Only one-in-four Democrats think it is important to procreate and have kids. (If you really believe – as the UN scientists tell us – that the planet has only five or 10 years left before we all die from global warming, why bring children into the world to face a climate change apocalypse?)

What’s most disturbing about this is that if the left in America has lost faith in the country, God, or family – what DO they believe in?

The pagan religion of big government.

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