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DeSantis Does It Again – Reins In Tenure For Fat And Happy Professors

We’ve argued for years that it is time for lawmakers to go after the outrageous cost increases at public universities. But no one had the backbone to take on the higher education lobby.

But now Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has signed a bill he says “removes the stranglehold that faculty unions and accrediting agencies have had on universities and colleges and adds common-sense transparency requirements for tuition, fees and cost of materials.”

In a jousting session with reporters at the signing, De Santis said the new law will “make sure (professors) don’t just have tenure forever without having any type of ways to hold them accountable or evaluate what they’re doing.”

Every five years, he said, tenured faculty would be required to go before their university’s board of trustees, which could part ways with them. The leftists who run universities are predictably and indignantly hooting at DeSantis for interfering with academic integrity and ensuring that the best professors leave Florida’s schools…blah, blah, blah.

DeSantis is proving to have great reformist instincts and a spine of steel.

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