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DeSantis Vows to Take Florida School Choice Law Nationwide

We don’t pick sides in political races, so we at the Hotline are neutral in the presidential primaries. That said this promise from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is music to our ears and one of the smartest things he’s said on the campaign trail in months.

Campaigning in Nevada last week, he rolled out a plan for universal school choice options for families in every state. He calls this “universal school choice” for “K through 12” grades and the plan is modeled after a similar bill he signed into law in Florida.

“We are going to be able to do, I believe, universal school choice nationally. We’re working on how,” DeSantis said. “At least we’ll be able to bring school choice to lower and working-class people.”

Love it. We’d like to see EVERY presidential candidate pledge to do the same.

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