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Ding Dong New Zealand’s Lockdown Queen Is Gone

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s 42-year-old Labor Party prime minister, has announced she will resign. Hallelujah!

Ardern was the militant queen of lockdowns as the core of her hopeless “zero COVID” policy.

Anyone testing positive were isolated in a government facility. Ardern also turned the country into a “hermit kingdom” with more than 15,000 New Zealanders trapped abroad and exiled for two years. As was the case evert else in the world, none of these draconian policies worked. She finally had to abandon the strategy as COVID spread.

She had other crazy policies, including a mad 20-year plan for government power in New Zealand to be shared 50-50 with the Maori native population, which is at most 16 percent of the nation’s people.

Believe it or not, last year Harvard invited this nutcase to give the commencement address. She was a media superstar.The Financial Times once fawningly proclaimed: “Arise, Saint Jacinda!” and proclaimed  over her authoritarian methods during the pandemic as “daring.”

When asked how she would like New Zealanders to remember her leadership, she said “as someone who always tried to be kind.”

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