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Director James Cameron Rails Against Despoiling Nature, But Now Backs Huge Building Project

Hollywood director James Cameron is devoting the rest of his career to his radical leftist  “Avatar” film series.

The movies depict how a pristine ecosystem is despoiled by “settlers” and applaud the “indigenous resistance” fighting them.

Now, Cameron is facing fierce local “indigenous” resistance to his support for a giant $1 billion film studio and training center in the pastoral British countryside. “The 22.5% of the total global box office the U.K. delivered in 2023 will grow as a result,” he wrote in a pitch for the project. “But embracing that opportunity necessitates support and boldness in thinking.”

Boldness means development – which is what the films are against. Green activists claim Cameron’s project “would forever destroy” the local “green belt” and be “detrimental to the people living in the area, destroying their quality of life by being surrounded and trapped by the industrial-scale development.” Polls show that those Brits living in the area – the “indigenous population” oppose the project by at least a 4 to 1 margin.

Maybe Avatar 5, 6, 7, or 8 will be about the greedy capitalist steamrollering over the residents.

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