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DOJ’s FlimFlam Lawsuit Against Google Winds Down

We’ve come up with a brilliant idea on how Google could defend itself against the Justice Department’s sham antitrust lawsuit. If Google would just figure out how to LOSE billions of dollars instead of its alleged crime of EARNING billions of dollars of profits for millions of American shareholders, the Biden administration would drop the lawsuit and shower the search engine firm with federal subsidies – just as it has for the chip makers, like Intel.

It’s the same strategy that Mel Brooks thought up in his famous Broadway farce “The Producers”.

Except this is no farce. In Washington, capitalism has been turned on its head. The way to make money is to lose money and the way to lose money is to make it.

Google is being sued for making a product that hundreds of millions of people use every day. The other Magnificent 7 tech firms that are holding up the stock market are facing similar lawsuits.

Closing arguments are concluding today in this saga.

Here is Google’s (winning, we hope) argument in its simplest form:

Biden’s case is that Google is the dominant search engine because of illicit deals to make it the default. But it’s their platform, they should be able to do whatever they want with it. There are scores of other search engines for consumers to choose from. Most of them are far inferior.

We will ask this question again: how can any consumer be harmed by Google when the search engine AND the searches are absolutely FREE? Even McDonalds doesn’t give its hamburgers away to get people to come into the store.

We don’t know if Google or the government will be the losers in this expensive lawsuit. But what we know for certain is the winners will be the lawyers – and Google’s Chinese and European competitors.

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